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I have available for sale Skunk A+,grand daddy,OG kush,Blue dream,Sour diesel and more contact me now for more information. contact me Wickr:smack112 Hemp Herb with Full Spectrum CBD. Collection item. 100% made of Pure Cannabis Sativa L. OG Kush weed has a beautiful, sweet, earthy Kush flavour, and the knockout punch that Kush lovers love. The first rushy body waves can be quite intense and they’ll certainly get your heart racing. That means they're normally indica-dominant hybrids or just indicas., which Malibu OG is as well. As it's and indica, it therefore is great at inducing sleep, and definitely helps with pain. OG Kush makes up the hereditary spine of West Coast cannabis assortments, however notwithstanding its universality, its hereditary birthplaces stay a riddle. This renowned strain landed in Los Angeles in 1995 in the wake of being transplant… White Fire OG, otherwise popularly recognized as WiFi OG is an uplifting hybrid strain that is quickly taking over cannabis circles globally. Especially favoured by many legal recreational and medicinal stoners in Colorado for being a…

Oct 20, 2019 · Description. OG Kush is a marijuana classic, with some of the highest THC levels in the world. With a 25:75 sativa/indica ratio, this strain pulls no punches. Expect a hard, mixed high with intense euphoria followed by serious couch-lock.

OG Kush Cannabis Strain Information | Leafly OG Kush was first cultivated in Florida, in the early ‘90s when a strain from Northern California was crossed with a Hindu Kush plant from Amsterdam. The result was a hybrid with a unique terpene profile that boasts a complex aroma with notes of fuel, skunk, and spice. OG Kush (AAAA) Online | Canada Cannabis Dispensary

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Buy Master Kush Strain, Grand Master OG Kush For Sale Buy Grand Master OG Weed Strain Online. Buy master marijuana weed online aka Grand Master Kush or master og strain which is a potent indica vs sativa hybrid weed, with a sativa/indica ratio of 10:90, can reach THC levels of up to 22%, which makes it one of the stronger medical strains around. OG(おーじー) - 日本語俗語辞書 『OG』の解説. OBとは"old girl"の略で、学校や部活動の女子卒業生。また、企業、各スポーツ界、政界など、団体・組織を引退した女性を意味する。oldやgirlは年齢とは関係なく、卒業・引退直後の者、卒業・引退して長くなる者もOGに含まれる。 Heracleum mantegazzianum - Wikipedia Heracleum mantegazzianum, commonly known as giant hogweed, is a monocarpic perennial herbaceous flowering plant in the carrot family Apiaceae. H. mantegazzianum is also known as cartwheel-flower, giant cow parsley, giant cow parsnip, or hogsbane.In New Zealand, it is also sometimes called wild parsnip (not to be confused with Pastinaca sativa) or wild rhubarb.

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Difference Between Kush and OG | Difference Between Origin of Kush Vs. OG. The Kush strain originated from the Hindu Kush mountains while the OG strain originated from a cross of a Hindu Kush plant in Florida in 1990. The composition of Kush Vs. OG. The Kush strain is composed of relatively higher levels of fenchol, camphene, a-terpineol, Linalool, and … cannabisの意味 - 英和辞典 - コトバンク 今日のキーワード 感染症指定医療機関. 感染症予防法で規定されている感染症の中で、危険性が高く特別な対応が必要な感染症の患者を治療する医療施設。 Wikileaf: OG Kush Marijuana Strain Information